SCA 112

The SCA 112 sleeper roof for the VW T4, a model of the Bulli which is already a classic, was developed for the short wheelbase. Layouts with a side kitchen area are often created with this configuration.

With the SCA roof closed, the vehicle height is less than 2 metres, making it suitable for underground car parks. The roof is equipped with a fold-down bed. The tent bellows and bed are finished in silver-grey.

The locking mechanism is operated via a practical and easy-to-use buckle at the driver and passenger side.

The roof is supplied with an air-guiding profile to minimise wind noise.

opening: front

Roof type: sleeper rof

height vehicle roof closed: ca. 2000 mm

lying area: bed board

thickness upholstery: 30 mm

dimension llying area: 1920 x 1100 mm

Entry cover: -

locking mechanism: locking straps

version canvas: standard

scissors Height: ca. 100 mm

Price from: 5.117,00