SCA 199

The long wheelbase of the VW Van Type 5 provides a comfortable reclining area of 240 x 120 cm with the rear elevating sleeper roof variant SCA 199.

The roof shell consists of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester resin, is 4 mm thick and is fitted with crushed-velour insulation.

The lock is a practical and easy to use belt mechanism at the driver and passenger sides. The overall height of the vehicle is less than two meters, making it suitable for underground car parks.

opening: rear

Roof type: sleeper roof

height vehicle roof closed: ca. 2000 mm

length vehicle:

lying area: bed board

thickness upholstery: 30 mm

dimension llying area: 2320 x 1100 mm

Entry cover: -

locking mechanism: locking strapes

version canvas: standard

scissors Height: ca. 100 mm

Price from: 4,462.50 €