SCA 193

The SCA 193 sleeper roof is not just super-flat by name – it actually is super-flat. It is rear elevating, and was developed for the VW T5 and T6 with the long wheelbase.

The GRP frame changes into an integrated front spoiler at the front. The tent bellows have a sewn-in folding mechanism that prevents the tent bellows from getting stuck and becoming damaged when closing the roof. The convenient central locking with powerful external clamping blocks ensures that the roof closes securely. The access opening can be closed using a cover which can be pulled out of the reclining area.

opening: rear

Roof type: sleeper roof

height vehicle roof closed: ca. 2000 mm

length vehicle: 5.304 mm

lying area: bed board

thickness upholstery: 30 mm

dimension llying area: 2320 x 1100 mm

Entry cover: -

locking mechanism: rotary tumbler lock

version canvas: standard & panoramic

scissors Height: ca. 100 mm

Price from: 5.040,00 €