Our highlight is going into series production

Our new premium roof for the VW T6 will be available from March 2019. After many ideas, many improvements and rectifications down to the finest detail, we are now presenting our SCA 290 sleeper roof.

Even as a prototype, our new sleeper roof was impressive at this year’s CMT in Stuttgart, at the Caravan Salon 2018 in Düsseldorf and at the Caravan Show in Birmingham, UK.

Here are some of the highlights:

The new roof shape, with its slim outer lines, adapts itself harmoniously to the chassis and fits in perfectly with the overall look of the vehicle. The high scissor lifts also increase the height of the roof in this model, providing a cosier feeling of space.

The innovative Skyline fabric bellows in high-quality synthetic fibre bring even more benefits: The window at the front can be fully opened to provide a wide panoramic view. A Plexiglas cover provides protection so that you can enjoy the view even in windy conditions and bad weather, and an insect screen also helps to block out irritating pests. The pests remain outside – but you still have the view. However, the front window can also be closed completely. Skyline fabric bellows allow you to enjoy your trip in the knowledge of being prepared for any situation.

The new, lighter reclining unit based on a slatted base fitted ergonomically with disc springs in an aluminium frame and high-quality foam mattress considerably increases reclining and sleeping comfort. The new breathable structure provides heat exchange and sufficient ventilation in an ideal way.

The close and lock mechanism is another highlight of our most recent model. A designer closing bracket with multiple uses, such as attaching a display and our own SCA express lock, provide simple and secure operation for maximum comfort in use.

And staying with the highlight, the platform is perfect for attaching LED lighting with adjustable brightness levels for pleasant illumination of the van interior, even when the windows are closed.

Everything about the SCA 290 demonstrates our latest ideas for modern camping comfort, and it is finally ready to see the light of day.

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