High roof SCA 460

High roof SCA 460 for Transporter Type 5 (from 2003 onwards), short wheelbase  

VW Transporters have always been preferred base vehicles for compact camper vans. With the further improved characteristics of the new model T5, this tradition is set to continue. This is an ideal vehicle for discerning customers who appreciate a comfortable and dependable chassis and who want to drive as quietly and nippily as they do in a car.
SCA has designed three new high-roof models for the VW T5 together with Designerbüro Thamm: this is the 63 cm high one for a short wheelbase. As in all SCA high roofs, there are numerous equipment variants. The elegant lines of the roofs make them an adornment for the T5. 

Tech Specs


Roof type:
  • measurements roof shell: approx. 300cm x 150cm x 63cm
  • height vehicle with roof: approx. 250cm
  • headroom interior of vehicle: approx. 192cm
  • weight without isoaltion: approx. 60kg


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